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"We Put Care in Auto Repair"
We take pride in providing you with excellent customer service.

Free local shuttle service is available to customers when dropping off or picking up their vehicles.

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Customer Service
Heating and Air Conditioning Services

                        •Air Conditioning Service 
                        •Belt Replacement
                        •Radiator Replacement
                         Radiator Hose Replacement
                         Heater Hose Replacement
                         Thermostat Replacement​​
                         Water Pump Replacement
Electrical Services

                        •Batteries (Testing & Replacement)
                        •Starters & Alternators (Testing     & Replacement)

Transmission Services

                        •Automatic Maintenance
                        •Clutch Replacement 
                        •Four-wheel drive Service
                        •Front-wheel drive Service
                        •Manual Transmission repairs

Electronic Services

                        •Computer Diagnostics & Repair
                        •Drivability Diagnostics & Repair
                        •Sensor Diagnosis and Repair 
                          Key FOB programming & battery                             replacement.​

Internal Engine Services

                        •Engine Replacement
                        •Cylinder Head & Gaskets
                        •Timing Belt Replacement

Towing Services
General Services

                •Domestic General Repair
                •Import General Repair
                •Fleet Repairs

Maintenance Services

                •Cooling System Flush
                •Fuel Injection Repair & Cleaning
                •Transmission Service & Flushing
                •Oil, Lube, and Filter
                •Brake Fluid Flush 
                 Cabin/Interior Vent Filter Service​

Under car Services

                •Anti-lock Brakes Repair
                •Brakes (Disc & Drum Service)
                •Chassis (Steering & Suspension Repairs)
                •Shocks & Strut Replacement
                •Tires (Repair & Replacement)


                •Emissions Repair Certified
                •Used Car Pre Purchase Inspections